public space, industrial heritage reconversion

in collaboration with 51N4E (be) Schroeder&Ass. (lu)


Duality & triplicity: 3 universes

A central place exploiting the future duality of the site: as much of the new city, dense, urban and cosmopolitan, as of the industrial heritage, testifying to the cradle of the prosperity of the country and the region.

This tension will be highlighted and integrated in a harmonious way in the future urban life by a clear and lucid drawing, generating 3 universes, 3 different atmospheres, complementing each other synergistically.

1. the conform square

in direct continuity and without barriers of the axes of the masterplan, the place extends and links the ground floors.

Two circular cut-outs, in slight offset of the basins, create the shape of the square: an urban ergonomics is generated, allowing

• direct passages from one axis to another,

• the installation of terraces

• installation in different provisions of a market and sporting or cultural events

The cut-outs also create a sublime moment, in the center of the square, at the place of the direct passage from one axis to the other. This place allows the passer-by to enjoy the worlds below, and specific atmospheres that highlight the industrial heritage.

2. A park in the image of native forests

On the southern basin, plantations of native trees and shrubs generate an inaccessible island, a "jungle" overflowing the square, and eventually creating an ecosystem, a refuge for wildlife in the middle of a city built on an industrial wasteland. Nature takes back these rights. Placed below, at -3.5 meters, passers will be partly in the crowns of trees. This dense vegetation will contribute to the climatic comfort of the place.

3. The industrial basin with urban qualities

The northern basin, revealing the water basin, is exploited for its already urban qualities. Structural chaining along the basin, for example, will be set up to serve as a bench. Misting machines will create an atmosphere that reflects the industrial past, but with the objective of ensuring comfort during summer conditions.

4. Agora, or the first public area covered by Luxembourg

On the northern basin, 7 meters below the ground floors, a covered public space with a ceiling height of 7 meters will allow the installation of markets and cultural events such as music festivals.. This will be the "agora" of Belval.