2001 is an architecture company.


The abstraction of its name symbolizes its ambitions to operate discreetly yet determinedly and strategically in the environment practiced by society.

This environment defines our fields of interests, activities and scales:

Territories, buildings, spaces and ideas.


2001 aims at a double production: both physical and built as much as intellectual and cultural.

2001 thinks and produces an architecture reduced to the essential, responding in a rational and coherent way to the urgencies and needs of contemporary society.

2001 aims at contributing to the creation of a qualitative and sustainable living environment: by its spaces, uses and materials.

2001 is convinced that architecture can and must have a beneficial impact on man, both for his built and cultural environment.


Sergio Carvalho
1981 PT/LU
Architect ISACF - partner

Philippe Nathan
1982 LU
Architect ISACF - founding partner

Julie Lorang
1992 LU
Architect FHT

Ludovica Not
1995 IT
Architect Poly Torino

Lise Mortehan
1993 BE
Architect ULG

Jacopo Puccio
1987 IT
Architect UCA

Mario Alvarez
1992 ES
Architect UCO

Irene Musso
1996 IT
architect Poly Torino

Timo Löw
1995 DE
architect FH Trier

Melsida Babayan
1998 ARM
architect uni.lu

Mona Steinmetzer
1993 LU
architect ABK Vienna








Former collaborators

Yi-der Chou

Julie Moret

Camille Lamelliere

Anthony Itzel

Milena Steinmetzer

Julie Marthe Hoffmann

Lucien Schmidt-Berteau

Lucille Griffay

Marie Dziezuk

Bogdane Ilie

Nathalie Kerschen

Gilles Surkijn

David Schlesser

Jorge Serra

Katiane Christiany

Andra Nicholescu

William Douglas Henry

Anne-Sophie Betz

2001 is looking for an experienced and/or highly dynamic architect to manage projects from conceptual design to building site.


- Professional degree in Architecture

- Strong Vectorworks, and Adobe Creative / Affinity Suite, and Excel skills
- Fluency in French. Full professional proficiency in German, English and Luxembourgish is beneficial.
- Understanding of 2001's work.
- Ability to conceive thoughtful architectural designs and translate these into real building projects
- Ability to assist in the production and development of all necessary documents, drawings, models, images, schemes + budgets, reports etc. related to the design and building process


Please send your application to: jobs@2001.lu


2001 est à la recherche d'un(e) architecte expérimenté(e) et/ou hautement motivé(e)


- Diplôme professionnel en architecture

- Connaissances des logiciels Vectorworks, Adobe Creative / Affinity Suite et Excel

- Courant en français. Des compétences en allemand, anglais et luxembourgeois sont bénéfiques.

- Compréhension du travail de 2001.

- Capacité pour concevoir des projets architecturaux et les traduire en projets immobiliers réels

- Capacités pour assister et mener la production et le développement de tous les documents, dessins, maquettes, images, schémas + budgets, rapports etc. liés à la conception et au processus de construction.


Veuillez envoyer votre candidature à: jobs@2001.lu