communal administration of bertrange
primary school in bertrange

The municipality of Bertrange (L) has undertaken plans to implement a shared space in its town center. Yet such an urban center cannot solely be made of administration and school buildings. The competition asking for 22 new class rooms and an additional program seemed to miss the key question of how to integrate this school as an equipment into the urban fabric, without it becoming yet another carcass in this archipelago of "part-time" public buildings.

The project thus proposes to split the program in to parts: the main chunk, the classrooms and its related spaces and the other, the noisy, smelly program; which could be used by local civic clubs and organizations after school hours.

The first part was then lifted in order to free the public space, i.e. a continuation of the shared space. The second, was integrated in a socle, a topographic plinth, and oriented towards the central square.


presented on April 13th: