common wealth residence
private-public plugin
16 sqm

camera topia, the landscape chamber, is opportunistically grafted on an overlooked resource: a flat roof of a private garage. The installation, a sort of public furniture the hamlet of Aiale does not have to this day, enables users to rediscover and share the rich diversity of the landscape.



Summer 2019, the collective “Common Wealth” settled in residence for three weeks in Scheggia e Pascelupo, a typical Umbrian village in a wooded landscape, occupied or cultivated in places, some plots being sometimes forgotten or neglected, passed down for generations. 

This project brought together artists and theoreticians of various nationalities and backgrounds, artists, musicians, photographers, architects, publishers, curators, geographers, jurists and economists. In a place of social, political, economic and demographic change, they thought collectively and inclusively about the themes of landscape (its old and potential uses, what it can inspire or symbolize), inheritance (in the sense of gift and counter-gift, responsibility, inevitable origin) and transmission (knowledge, experience, ways of thinking).