single-family house in suburbia
270 m2

Resisting its immediate built context, the house is reduced to the essentials in order to generate the desired program and an enhanced spatial experience on a very short budget.


The ambitious program is broken down into a tic-tac-toe grid, introducing a rigorous structure to the plans. The various domestic functions are orbiting around a central patio, enabling an introverted and intimate relation to the immediate context.


4 walls define the project:

On the ground floor, 2 concrete slabs run north to south, where they open north towards the street with a garage, an entrance, the stairs and a kitchen, all in a single window frame element. To the south, the living areas spread between the slabs and open to a terrace.

On the first floor, where sleeping-and bathrooms are located, the walls from below are still visible, creating the windowsills and structural stiffening. 2 additional blind concrete slabs, which work as giant beams for the ground floor openings, run east to west, giving a preferred orientation to the rooms