temporary installation at music festival

An independant music festival taking place on Kirchberg is not an innocent event. 

Kirchberg is home to the European Institutions in Luxembourg, to national Ministries, the RTL Group, soon to the Arcelor-Mittal headquarters, as well as major players of the globalised consulting and banking world. 

Yet, with all this global capital, the public program and public funding, Kirchberg remains in desperate need of an ambitious built public space, a collective experience. 

FFYS Babylon seeks to materialise the cultural and social convergence of people in this potentially hostile environment. 

FFYS Babylon aims at elevating the festival visitors in order to emancipate from the dominant context of the European Court of Justice and RTL Group headquarters. 

A scaffolding stair tower integrates public terrasses providing generous views over the festival grounds, the Kirchberg plateau and the Natura 2000 zone. 

The scaffolding structure enables considerable dimensions while guaranteeing safety norms and avoiding the production of waste. The double-helix stair provides separate entrance and exit ways. 

While of little aesthetic values, the project seeks to convey the basis of architectural structures: to connect people and enable new relations to their surroundings and environment.