Ministry of Spatial Planning & Energy , DATER
regenerative territorial planning

Representative for a majority of the regional territory, Bettendorf highlights

several dilemmas and challenges which rural towns are chronically facing: economic and social shifts following the decline of small to medium farms and local craftsmanship, the explosion of a concentric village structure into diffuse suburban developments, the loss of services, social structures and ultimately identity.

Bettendorf in 2050 is a dense and compact village with a strong rural character. 

The sealed surfaces of abandoned farm barns have become new housing experiences with activated ground floors. Heritage serves as prospective base for socio-economic revitalization of rural villages.

In central locations, inhabitants of 4 to 5 level collective housing villas will benefit from services and small retail that shoulder light agroforestry processing.

Old farmhouses are preserved and refurbished. Their architecture allows them to become either collective housing or services such as medical practices.