300 sqm

On a fairly narrow plot, this terraced house extends over 4 spatially very different floors.

The ground floor shares with the garden level below a double-height space running through the full depth of the building, from the street to the garden.

Suspended in this large space, a volume includes the entrance, the garage, the technical room and an office. Under this volume, which would usually be the cellar, a large living space benefits from the entire surface of the footprint. Kitchen, dining room and living room are only differenciated by the different ceiling heights and the staircase.

Like a screw, the spiral staircase links the four floors and their various functional and spatial conditions. It is the constant in perpetual change of this terraced house.

The first floor cantilevers from the main plan layout to create an awning at the entrance and accommodate four large bedrooms, a bathroom and a laundry room. A double-height landing takes natural light from the facade of the last level to benefit the bathroom in the center of this level.

The last recessed level houses the master suite, organizing bedroom, dressing room, toilet and bathroom around a single furnished partition.


pictures: Ludmilla Cerveny