Ministry of Spatial Planning & Energy , DATER
regenerative territorial planning

Helfent, an area of the Bertrange commune on the fringe of an approaching Luxembourg-city, or vice-versa, is an epitome for peripheral, suburban conditions, neatly collaging drive-in nine-to-five big-box economic zones and suburban housing.

Helfent in 2050 has become as much a generous re-naturalised valley and afforested land, as a lively urban neighbourhood made of new typologies of living and working in mixed-use high-rises. 

Surface parking and single-story commercial buildings hold the potential to centralize development rights and turn suburban archipelagos into lively mixed-used neighbourhoods, into new urban quarters of the capital.

High-rises play a key role in preserving arable land and forests. Their plinths are accommodating economic, civic and leisure facilities and services. 


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