ministère de la culture
200 sqm
February 2018



Merely a fragment of the production of an architectural practice ever comes into built existence. And often, this material output bears witness to the compromises and sacrifices of “good tastes”, “common senses”, “I decides” and “that’s whys”. 


However, Architecture should be the expression of a society’s values and/or ambitions at a given moment in time: the enlightened manifestation of a shared culture, a common narrative, aiming for collective pleasures beyond the diktat of fashion and/or economy. 


Under the # totalitarianism reducing everything to a single aesthetic image and catchy word, Unknown Pleasures takes the perilous stance at disclosing projects judged unfit to be built, nevertheless expressing valuable strategies and visions of socio-cultural and spatial intelligence and critical thought. 


If Architecture’s graphic output fails at being built, it needs to serve as medium for debate. If the processes and conditions in which our built environment emerges block the development of an enlightened building culture, they need to be revealed.

The ≤280characters format that rules the world will set the rhetoric framework.